Transforming Communication with AVer FONE700 in Malaysia

AVer, a global leader in communication and collaboration solutions, has recently launched the FONE700, a revolutionary ceiling speakerphone system. Developed to meet the growing demands for high-quality, reliable audio solutions in professional settings, the newly unveiled AVer FONE700 is an ideal choice for enhancing virtual collaboration experiences in rooms of various sizes.

The FONE700 combines cutting-edge technology with an aesthetic build, with key features such as:

– Enhanced Audio: Delivers crystal-clear sound quality, minimizing distortion and background noise, making it perfect for important meetings and presentations, ensuring that every participant can hear and be heard.
– 3D Audio Tracking: Precisely pinpoints and optimally tracks the speaker when paired with AVer CAM550.
– User-friendly: Connect into the full conferencing system, including the display, camera and audio system via a single USB cable.
– Clutter-Free: Say goodbye to tangled cables and complex configurations. The FONE700 consolidates your conference setup using seamless integration through it’s connectivity hub.
– Versatile and Seamless: Scale up or down to adapt to larger conference room sizes as your company grows without the need to change out the whole system. The FONE700 is able to support up to four speakerphones with a maximum range of 40 meters with several mounting options.

No matter if you are just starting to explore video conferencing options, or if you are looking to refurbish your meeting space, you can upgrade your conference experience with the AVer FONE700 now. It’s not just a speakerphone; it’s a solution that transforms your meetings into productive, engaging interactions. Contact us here to for a consultation session to explore more workplace collaboration solutions.