Geon Cloud Solution

Geon Signword Cloud Management

Geon Signworld Cloud enables users to manage digital signage contents at any time & any location through our cloud technology. Every Digital Signage will be linked with our dedicated cloud server IP address, allows users to upload visuals & videos to the cloud server, & transfer to all the digital signages in multiple locations. Geon Signword Cloud also provides marketing scheduling, timer setting, compelling contents & various innovative features for our clients business needs & conveniences.


Cloud Signage Management

Manage digital signage contents anytime & anywhere.

Advertise what you desire

Geon Signworld is a user-friendly cloud management platform. Simple interface to operate yet render stunning advertisement. Deploy all sorts of content at anywhere and anytime based on your satisfaction.

Powerful Integrated System

Geon Signworld Cloud don’t just manage the content for digital signage, it also has an advanced POS system that can analyse sales performance, manage inventory, schedule content’s display time and even manage stock-keeping unit. Signworld ensure your business to operate efficiently for long-term.

Simple but Creative

Straight-forward and simple-to-use design tools. Enhance the quality of your workpiece as close to perfection as possible. Less effort to be made yet impactful creative design to be produced.

Intelligent in Anyway

Geon Signworld supports all type of operating system such as Windows, Linux, Android, etc. You are able to switch your digital signage to online or just plug-and-play through USB drive. Not just yet, our cloud solution has multiple choice of language display for you to interact better. Also, it is just one-touch-away to convert your digital signage into display mode or interactive mode.

Multifunctional at once

If you own a dual screen digital signage, it will be an extra privilege to promote your business as Geon Signworld allows you to play your slideshow and video seamlessly at the same time for 24/7.    

Geon Cloud Signage Media Player

Geon Cloud Signage Media Player is an Android 7.1 media player that comes with a dedicated application to link with the Signword cloud server that enables the visuals & videos to be transferred from the cloud server to the media player. The media player plays digital contents with all kind of format seamlessly.

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