Gwangmyeong Cave LED media tower

“The Miracle of an Abandoned Mine Astonishes the World.” Gwangmyeong Cave (Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do) has become Korea’s foremost cave-based theme park, and even hailed as a miracle. This is because only a few years ago it was just an abandoned mine that had been used as a storage site for salted shrimp for four decades; yet, now it is transformed as a complex cultural space. In 2011, when Gwangmyeong-si began to develop this abandoned mine, there were a lot of concerns, but it achieved much more than expected. In 2015 alone, Gwangmyeong Cave drew more than 1 million tourists, recording more than 5 billion won in sales revenue and creating around 200 jobs in the region. The space used to be a product of the painful Japanese colonial times, as well as a symbol of modern industrialization, but it was transformed into a urban cultural space while preserving its history and culture. In this regard, it has been considered a prime example of a successful urban regeneration project, and “Samsung SMART Signage” has played an important part of this transformation.

D’strict released interactive digital content for the large LED tower – the largest in Korea at 22m in height, 12m in width – in Gwangmyeong Cave Theme Park. Visitors will see a total of 7 kinds of content, such as live drawings from artists, like Jung-Ki Kim, contents focused on Gwangmyeong Cave themes and tourism, and Golden Face facial composition contents using AR technology. Through its interactive contents, d’strict effectively makes use of the LED tower, maximizing the feeling of space and immersion.