Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk boosts productivity saves time and reduces labor expenses. The advantage of Interactive Kiosk is the ability to facilitate the consumers  in the mall to search for their desired shop and even advertise promotion to the public. 

Geon Asia is Malaysia’s Leading Interactive Kiosk solution provider. Utilizing experiences gained in the past years, we have deployed various projects for Interactive Kiosk. 

Not to mention that we are also well known by many government and private corporates for our fine performance, such as BERJAYA, AFFIN BANK, JKR and others. Choosing our solution will surely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.

Ultra-Thin Standing Kiosk

Structured with strong and light aluminum frame and a built-in ultra slim tempered glass. Only takes 3 seconds to upload content from the USB driver. Integrated with Signworld Cloud where content can be modified at anywhere and anytime. Supports Android/Windows/IOS operating system. LED backlight and panel that operates in excess of 50000 hours. Definitely a commercial grade which able to run the screen for 24/7.

Rotatable Standing Kiosk

Enables screen to be positioned in a horizontal or vertical form. LCD screen that displays 1920 x 1080 ultra-clear resolution. Choice of display mode or touch screen mode to be made. Integrated with Signworld Cloud where content can be modified at anywhere and anytime. Supports Android/Windows/IOS operating system. This interactive kiosk runs at least 60000 hours of stable display.

Stylish Standing Kiosk

Friendly information kiosk for consumer utilization. Especially customers in shopping complexes, car show room, hotel lobby and airport. Fixed robust design stand that has minimum sensitivity to variations in uncontrollable factors. Network remote management. With our Signworld Cloud, you can upload any sort of content through electrical devices as long as there is an internet connection. Flexible choices of Android/IOS/Window operating system.

Floor Stand Portable Kiosk

Convenient for setup and transportation. Structured with aluminum frame that able to endure strong wind and volatile weather. Locate anywhere you desire as the HD image will still deliver a vivid illumination. Simple uploading method by just plugging in a USB driver or manipulate from our Signworld Cloud. One touch away from splitting the screen into multiple rows.


Time & Cost Efficiency

Save up labor cost. Just one tap, Interactive Kiosk will bee your receptionist to guide you to your desired location immediately.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Able to manage the contents at anywhere and any time through our Geon Signworld Cloud.

Multifunctional at Once

Can convert into slide show or play back video as an advertisement board during screen saver mode.

Long-term Performance

Ensuring 24/7 delivery of brilliant content and is always one touch away to guide direction.

Powerful Durability

Structured with light and strong aluminum alloy that can withstand against harsh environment.

Intuitive Interface

Ensures a good experience for anyone. You can even customize the operating interface up to your satisfaction

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