Livestream Broadcasting Solution

Reach out your audiences from anywhere and anytime. Live streaming is a modern way of strategy to market and promote your business ideas. Going virtually and gaining great impact at the same time.

With Geon’s exceptional way of live production,  we offer you our self-integrated system that involves the collaboration of Vmix/OBS software and  PTZ Cameras.

Not to mention, we are an authorized live streaming producer appointed by various prestigious companies such as LOREAL, Malaysia Airlines, etc.

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Live Stream Broadcasting

Interact with anyone lively across the world

Possible In Every Aspect

Plain green is what you see from the outside but we can drop in any layer of background according to the subject being filmed. Reducing unnecessary expanses to rent a studio. Allowing you to carry out your live event at anyplace and anytime.

Graphics Coordinating

Cueing in subject lines is an enhancing element to intensify the live production. Not just making the broadcasted film to be more informative but also looking more professional. Just focus on your presentation and we have our graphic operator/coordinator to provide aesthetic ideas to your live production.

Light Up To Attract

Lighting for live video should be as much a part of your process as testing your internet bandwidth or streaming workflow. With the right position/angle, it can flatters your subjects and present a more mesmerizing picture to your audiences. Attract your audiences to focus on what you want them to.

Remotely Controlled Cameras

Instead of using multiple cameras to capture different angle, we will be using PTZ cameras to produce your live stream. Allowing you to pre-set 10 specific angles so that you can instantly switch to your desired point of view to your audiences. Save more time, Save more effort.

Multistream Simultaneously

Conduct live broadcast sessions seamlessly by using any media platform that transmits through RTMP/HTTP streaming protocols e.g., YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. We also have our own dedicated broadcast channel to play your livestream and even record it into our storage cloud so that you can replay it multiple times.

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