Aver CAM-VB130 4K Video Bar with Intelligent Lighting for Video Conferencing Camera



  • Razor sharp 4K video
  • 4X digital zoom
  • Dual FOV: 90° or 120°
  • Advanced AI with Smart Frame & Smart Speaker
  • Adjustable 5 level intelligent fill lighting
  • 5-microphone array with acoustics
  • Adjustable audio fence
  • Powerful speaker for acoustic clarity
  • Built-in TV mount
  • Remote management
SKU: AVI-61U3600000AC

Ultra-Clear 4K Imaging with Flexible FOV

Flexibly adjust the field of view ( FOV) to fit y our situation. Equipped with a dual FOV function, the AVer VB130 ensures viewers always focus on the right spot and lets you experience versatile, 4K imaging in focus rooms or huddle rooms.


Always Appear Energetic via Intelligent Lighting

Look energetic and professional onscreen no matter where you are. AVer’s VB130 automatically adjusts lighting levels during virtual meetings in dim rooms*, and it also offers full-range color temperature (2700–5700 K) to fit any environment. Show your best side via AVer Intelligent Lighting.

*For best lighting results, sit within 1 meter away from the camera.AVer VB130 - 4K Video Bar with Intelligent Lighting for Huddle Rooms | AVer  Global

Uninterrupted Collaboration with AVer’s Audio Fence

Make sure you have an uninterrupted video meeting experience with the VB130’ s audio shield. AVer noise-blocking technology provides an adjustable audio fence that lets you silence any sound outside the viewing angle. Maintain focus on the meeting at hand to take advantage of every business opportunity.VB130

Exceptional Audio Quality via Beamforming Technology

Everyone is a key participant in meetings with the Aver VB130. A beamforming five-microphone array precisely picks up and reproduces resonant voices from anywhere in the room. It’s your time to shine—with a little help from exceptional audio quality.