Barco ClickShare CX-30 Second Generation with 2x USB Button (R9861613NAB2)


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SKU: R9861613NAB2


ClickShare CX-30

Seamless wireless conferencing for small to medium-sized meeting and conference rooms

– Interactive features: touchback, annotation and blackboarding
– Increased collaboration with 2 sources on screen
– Run video meetings from your laptop with Button or App
– 100% secure, encrypted and cloud-managed

ClickShare CX-30 enables wireless conferencing in medium-sized meeting spaces. When you walk into the meeting room, ClickShare automatically connects you to room devices like cameras, mics, speakers, sound bars and displays.

Start a meeting from your laptop within seconds, using your preferred video conferencing platform. Make hybrid meetings easy, with just one click on the ClickShare Button or the ClickShare App, both for employees and guests.

Download the ClickShare app

Simply install the ClickShare Desktop App to wirelessly conference and share content

– Connect instantly to all the technology in the room
– Collaborate better thanks to a set of advanced, smart features

If you want to experience wireless conferencing via the ClickShare App, install the MSI- file and ask your IT administrator for additional rights if needed.


More engaging video collaboration

– Allows up to 2 users, including guests, to share content simultaneously to the room display
– Interactive features like annotation,?blackboarding?and touchback?function?on a 4K canvas
– Automated start and advanced sharing options for more intuitive meetings


A user-friendly experience and enhanced security

– Designed for enterprise rollouts, it offers?enhanced security and the widest range of network and AV integrations
– Works seamlessly with a large selection of peripherals and digital signage solutions 
– Use it as a standalone product or integrated into any ?meeting room, including Microsoft Teams Room or Zoom Room


Make the most out of your ClickShare devices

– Efficient management platform to maintain, manage and monitor your ClickShare fleet
– The right tool to increase your meeting rooms� ROI
– Easy to stay up to date and act upon notifications
– Secure environment that keeps your data safe


Smartcare so you can be carefree

– Service package included with all ClickShare devices
– Reliable service with direct vendor support
– 5 years of extended hardware coverage, no replacement costs, software upgrades included
– 5 years of analytics and insights subscription via XMS Cloud


ClickShare's commitment to sustainability

Made with better materials
– Non-paint plastics & halogen-free PCB in products. 
– Lighter and ecological packaging choices. 

Designed for recycling
– Reducing parts where possible.
– Materials easy to disassemble after use.

Energy saving
– High power efficiency. 
– Helps to reduce your power consumption.

Carbon neutral
– Committed to lowering our and our customers� carbon footprint.
– Barco ECO label: A++

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 30.00 × 20.00 × 40.00 cm