Polycom SoundStation 2 Non-Expandable with Display Conference Phone

  • SoundStation2 (analog) conference phone with display.
  • Non-expandable. Includes 220V-240V AC power/telco module,
  • power cord with Malaysia/UK plug, 6.4m console cable, 2.8m telco cable.

he Polycom Soundstation 2 Non-Expandable With Display Conference Phone  is a solution for small to midsize conference rooms with up to 10 participants. Using the company’s Acoustic Clarity technology, the device delivers clear voice quality without drop outs or clipping so that meetings can be more productive. Users can speak in a normal voice and be heard from up to 10′ away.

Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) actively removes background noise such as projectors and ventilation systems while using three cardioid microphones for 360° coverage. Intelligent mixing highlights the person speaking not ambient noise while also resisting interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices.

The phone provides users with advanced features, enabling conference calls that are more flexible and productive. The 2.5mm applications port allows you to connect the unit to a mobile phone for conference calls from locations without analog phone lines or to a computer for internet calling. A large backlit display offers easily visible call information and telephone functions. The unit can connect to any standard analog telephone line making it easy to set up. With traditional telephone features like redial, mute, transfer, and hold you have a fully featured conference phone that is both familiar and easy to use.

Polycom Acoustic Clarity Full Duplex

  • 3 x cardioid microphones
  • 10′ microphone pickup range
  • Intelligent microphone mixing
  • Dynamic noise reduction
  • Volume (adjustable up to 94 dBA at 1.6′)
  • User selectable ring tones
  • 12-key telephone keypad
  • Mute, Volume up/down keys
  • Mute, conference keys
  • Graphical backlit LCD
  • Configurable conference speed dial key
  • 3 x context sensitive soft keys
  • Multilingual user interface
  • CallerID
  • 25x entry phone book
  • RCA auxiliary audio jack
  • Applications port

More Productive Calls

Features the company’s patented acoustic clarity technology to deliver clear conversations for more productive conference calls

Hear and Be Heard Clearly

Uses intelligent microphones and dynamic noise reduction technology to ensure everyone can be heard

Resists Interference from Mobile Phones

Uses isolation to enable clearer calls without distracting noise from nearby wireless devices

Backlit Display

Displays console phone number, number called, duration/progress of call, and supports worldwide caller ID

Connect to Mobile Phones and PCs

Features application port that offers unmatched flexibility for mobile phone and internet calling

Easy to Use and Install

Connects into any analog phone jack and can be connected to a PBX with an analog extension


The tabletop unit contains audio processing functions and the keypad while the wall module contains power and the telephone line interfaces


Consists of a 21′ single-cord connection to the tabletop console and a 7′ connection to an RJ11 telephone jack

User Interface

User selectable ring tones

  • Configurable soft keys for easy dialing of voice conferencing services
  • Multi-lingual support: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian
  • Password protected configuration settings for administrators

Caller ID and Phone Book

Support for multiple Caller ID standards (Bellcore Type 1 with subscription, ETSI, DTMF, British Telecom)

  • Phone book/speed dial list with up to 25 entries


12-key telephone keypad

  • On-hook/off-hook, conference, mute, volume up/down keys, menu navigation keys
  • 3 context sensitive soft keys including redial, hold, programmable conference key


Polycom Acoustic Clarity full duplex- IEEE 1329

  • Type 1
  • Up to 10′ microphone pick up range
    Gated microphones with intelligent microphone mixing
  • Dynamic noise reduction