Samsung Building Technologies that contribute to Eco-Conscious Digital Signage

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd showcased the future of sustainable digital signage at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023 in Barcelona,​ with new technologies and eco-friendly efforts guided by company’s new environmental strategy.

“We are committed to ensuring the daily sustainability of our signage portfolio and finding meaningful ways to reduce impact on the environment as part of a journey towards a more circular economy. “ Electronic device. “We are excited to present our vision for how smart signage can help drive everyday sustainability while opening up incredible new opportunities for ISE businesses.

At this year’s ISE, Samsung will showcase the company’s sustainability initiatives based on a new environmental strategy announced in September 2022. Pre-registered visitors will be able to see a vision of Samsung’s environment come to life, with the pavilion’s regional sustainability embodying the environment. Conscious practices applied to digital signage products. These practices are based on the five stages of the product life cycle: supply, production, distribution, use and recycling.

Samsung’s 2023 smart signage products (QHC, QMC, QBC) are approximately 40% thinner than previous models with a thickness of 28.5 mm. As a result, the number of shipping containers required for post-production logistics can be reduced by more than 20%[1] compared to the previous model. In addition, smart signage products support automatic display brightness adjustment using a brightness sensor that responds to ambient light conditions, helping users to automatically manage energy consumption. mine. In addition, the plastic used for the back cover contains 10% used material (PCM).