Self-Service Kiosk

As today’s businesses seek new ways to stand out among increasingly crowded competition, interactivity and convenience have become more a critical component of day-to-day operations.

Thus, these consumers are growing more accustomed to self-service, and the convenience that comes with fulfilling their own orders for items ranging from train tickets to fast food. For businesses, an upgrade to kiosk displays delivers engagement, simplicity and speed which has more cost-efficient management.

Providing ease for consumers is the key to business’ success. Kindly contact us for further information, Geon will surely provide you the best Self-service Kiosk.

self service kiosk

Self-service Kiosk

Automate payment processes for 24/7

Virtual teller and Self-service Banking System

To provide common banking services over a technology advance teller machine, driven remotely by a teller agent, from a low customer traffic branch. To increase counter teller efficiency and productivity. This allow the bank to run longer as the teller can be anywhere to service customer through the screen.

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Statement Printing Kiosk

Convenient statement printing machine which can be fitted almost anywhere. This kiosk machine is able to print an A4 sized paper and even allow customers to have their i-Account registered on it. Consist of thumb and IC card reader to verify customer’s identity.

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Mobile Terminal

Transactions can be made between buyer and seller through an inter-simple yet secured and functional mobile terminal. All the contactless reader are integrated with powerful ARM9 Linux processor, WIFI, 3G, ETH, QR Camera and USB Host. With our magnificent products, you can now operate your business efficiently in a secured manner.

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Transactional Kiosk

We offer all sorts of kiosk machines that allow customers to self-service and get ordering. This include hotel check-in/check-out, food order system, online ordering, airline check-in, etc. These machines surely renders time efficiency and even reduces labor-cost.

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Information/Directory Kiosk

Allow visitor to check information regarding building directory, tenants, routing, promotions, shopping guide, and etc. Ability to facilitate the consumers  in the mall to search for their desired shop and even advertise promotion to the public.

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Time & Cost Saving

Less human staff needed to be hired results resource saving. Payment can be made instantly by customers with less queue.

Small Space but Big Move

Require small space to fit in this flexible-oriented kiosk machine. At the same time able to operate complex transections efficiently.

Communication Enhancement

The virtual teller can be based at anywhere as long as there is an internet connection for video conferencing to connect with customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Able to manage the contents at anywhere and any time through our Geon Signworld Cloud.

Long-term Performance

Ensuring 24/7 delivery of brilliant content and is always one touch away to guide direction.

Intuitive Interface

Ensures a good experience for anyone. You can even customize the operating interface up to your satisfaction

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