Transactional Kiosk

Airline Self Check-In Kiosk

Allow passengers to purchase their flight ticket with debit/credit cards. It will then print out an A4 sized boarding pass. Definitely time conserving and prevents  long queue in front of a counter.

Cash / Credit Card Payment Kiosk

This payment kiosk is specifically built for public transport fare purchases, such as bus, taxi, etc. Customer is able to service themselves to buy their sits by credit/debit card and card. There is even a coin slot for customer to pay for decimals.

F&B Self Order & Payment Kiosk

We offer a landscape and portrait series for this F&B payment kiosk. Both are well designed with a sleek and slim style which is solely presentable. Customer can interact with the kiosk to choose the variety they want and purchase them with cash or Debit/Credit card. It can even play advertisement  during  screen saver mode.

Hotel Check-in & Check-out Kiosk System

This stand-alone kiosk allows guests to check-in or check-out independently without relying the local receptionist. Guests can even receive or retrieve their room keys through this kiosk. This machine surely renders time efficiency and even reduces labor-cost.

Loyalty Program Kiosk

The main serving point for this kiosk is to display the reward points collected by the loyal customers. When the points are sufficient, the loyal customers can then print out the receipt to redeem their desired gift from the customer service counter.

Ticketing & Payment Kiosk

This kiosk machine can be operated in various function. Apart from allowing customers to pay their parking ticket, this machine consist of passport scanner for passengers to check-in and collect their boarding pass before heading to their seats.

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