Soft Bodies Draw Attention To Samsung LED Signage

Samsung’s global digital content partner d’strct has launched a new creative showing soft bodies falling and colliding at a landmark 1,620 sqm display in Seoul.

A landmark Samsung 8K digital signage installation in South Korea is again attracting attention, thanks to the third in a series of eye-catching public media art projects from creative agency d’strct.

The latest creative shows soft bodies falling in the sky and bumping into each other in an anamorphic 3D illusion at the SMTown COEX building in Seoul. Previous projects have shown a giant wave or outsized toys.

Describing its soft body artwork shown in a video released this week, the d’strct agency said: “What would it be like to change our stiff, boring life into a soft one, breaking away from our daily life?” The artwork showed, “A kitschy and unique experience of everyday stuff turning soft. Humans, animals, plants, and even objects become soft and flexible. They do collide with each other, but they mingle harmoniously, offering a complex yet an enjoyable pleasure.”

Last year, Samsung announced a content partnership with d’strct to show the company’s large-scale digital art on Samsung Smart signage across the world, with installations due to take place in Times Square in New York and at the Duomo Catherdral in Milan. Similar creative projects have since appeared in China, supplied by two of the country’s major LED manufacturers.

The Samsung Smart LED Signage installation in Seoul is 81m x 20m, giving a total surface area of 1,620 sqm. The 10mm pixel pitch LED display is capable of brightness up to 9,000 nit, adjusted downwards at nighttime, has a resolution of 7840x 1952, and an estimated lifetime of up to 100,000 hours.