LG 43″ 43HT3WJ One:Quick Flex Stand Basic Digital Signage


Key Feature

  • Resolution : 4K Ultra HD (3,840 × 2,160)
  • Brightness : 350 nit
  • Camera : 2K Full HD (1,920 × 1,080), 88º FoV
  • Sound : 2.0 Channel (10W + 10W)
  • Microphone : 3m Pickup Range
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (Basic)
The award-winning LG One:Quick Flex


The award-winning LG One:Quick Flex

LG One:Quick Flex has won the CES Innovation Awards Honoree and the Red Dot Award consecutively, and it has received worldwide recognition for its technology and design.

Two people are having a video conference using One:Quick Flex in a space with an informal atmosphere. The other two people at another table behind them are having a conference while flipping One:Quick Flex vertically and marking or writing on it with a dedicated touch pen on the screen.


All-in-One Display for Effective Collaboration

* Camera mirror mode is only available for certain apps.
* All images in this page are for illustrative purposes only.

The close-up images of the built-in microphones, camera, and speaker describing their key features.


All-in-One Display for Simple and Quick Video Call

With LG One:Quick Flex’s 43-inch all-in-one display complete with built-in camera, microphones and speakers there’s no need to stress over online meetings and calls and no more inconvenience of connecting to and setting up video conferencing.

Several people are discussing and sharing their ideas using the LG One:Quick Flex. A person is taking notes on the data displayed on the One:Quick Flex screen with a dedicated touch pen. The image sent from the LG One:Quick Flex is shown on a woman's cell phone.


Effective Collaboration with Touch and Drawing

Equipped with In-Cell touch technology, the One:Quick Flex turns ideas into reality. With a dedicated touch pen, taking notes and drawing are done easily. Also, their works can be saved as files, and easily shared via mobile phone.

* One touch pen provided.
* Dedicated apps required for annotation and drawing (MS Whiteboard ready)

The LG One:Quick Flex is placed between the office and lounge, showing its wheel.


Easy Transport with a Movable Stand

The One:Quick Flex can be used anywhere indoors where it can be moved by wheels. From a private office to public lounge, it plays various roles according to each need such as video conferencing, design demo, collaboration, etc.

* Stands are sold separately.
* The product needs to be plugged into the appropriate power source to operate.

The image shows the LG One:Quick Flex can be rotated vertically (counterclockwise) and horizontally (clockwise).


Screen Rotation

The One:Quick Flex supports screen rotation when using the dedicated stand, which can be widely used by being turned vertically or horizontally according to the content ratio.

* Stands are sold separately. Screen is rotated manually.
* To use it vertically, users can rotate counter clockwise, and vice versa to switch back to landscape mode.
* Some apps may not support vertical view mode.

The height of the stand can be lifted up to 9.5cm high regardless of whether it is in landscape mode or portrait mode.


Adjustable Height

The height of the stand can be adjusted to meet the posture or height of the user. (up to 9.5 cm)

* The height is adjusted manually.

The image shows the main screen of the LG One:Quick Flex which is similar to that of a mobile touch UX.


Intuitive UX and Excellent Expandability

The touch-based UX of One:Quick Flex is designed to be similar to the mobile touch UX, making it easy to use. Also, the operating system based on Windows makes it easy for the user to install and run programs they want through a huge library of applications and tools.

* Screen images simulated.

A woman is using voice commands to control the One:Quick Flex while cooking.


Voice Ordering

The user can also perform key functions through voice commands without the need to touch the screen.

* Voice ordering supports English and Korean, and is limited to some specific functions (Power, volume, built-in apps).

One:Quick Flex is placed in harmony with the beige background and the beige-toned interior.


A Sleek Design that Blends with the Space

Moving beyond the conventional black color, it is available in stylish beige with a smooth finish and blends effortlessly with the surrounding interior.

Weight 29.00 kg
Dimensions 100.00 × 61.00 × 50.00 cm