LG 55″ 55XS4J Window Facing Display High Brightness Signage (Open Frame)


Key Feature

  • Brightness : 4,000 nits (Typ.) / 3,200 nits (Min.)
  • Resolution : Full HD (1,920 x 1,080)
  • Bezel (T,B / R,L) : 12.0 / 9.9 mm
  • webOS-based High Performance
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Web-based Monitoring Solution
Inside the full glass of a real estate agency’s office, “High Brightness Window Facing Displays” are installed vertically and horizontally facing outward, and thanks to the high brightness of the displays, the ads on the internal display are very visible even from outside with strong sunlight.


Outstanding Visibility Beyond Window

* All images are for illustrative purposes only.

A woman wearing sunglasses is watching ads on the display installed in a shop window, and the ads on the display are very visible even under the strong sunlight.


High Visibility Under The Sunlight

With a great brightness of 4,000 nits*, XS4J clearly delivers contents and attract public attention, which is the ultimate display for outdoor visibility. QWP** enables clear visibility even when the viewer is wearing polarized sunglasses.

* Max. 4,000 nits, Typ. 3,200 nits (Based on LG internal test conducted in February, 2021)
** Quarter Wave Plate

A number of tasks that can be done simultaneously are easily arranged through the web OS platform.


High Performance With webOS

Quad Core SoC* can execute several tasks at the same time without a separate media player. In addition, webOS 4.1 platform enhances user convenience with intuitive UI and simple app development tools.

* System-on-Chip

The slim bezel display installed next to a mannequin in a shop window clearly shows the promotional ads to customers.


Slim Bezel Design

XS4J attracts attention with elegant design, featuring a slim bezel. These displays enhance the visual impact of the played content and the store’s overall atmosphere.

* Bezel Width (T,B / R,L) : 12.0 / 9.9 mm (55XS4J), 9.0 / 6.5 mm (49XS4J)

The display works well in an environment of 0℃-40℃.


Wide Operating Temperature Range

XS4J can operate at various temperatures of 0-40°C*.

* Based on LG internal test conducted in February, 2021

Smart Brightness Control


Smart Brightness Control

The screen brightness is automatically adjusted depending on the ambient light. The brightness is increased in light for better visibility, while it is decreased in darkness for efficient power management.

* This feature is based on LG internal test conducted in February, 2021.

High Energy Efficiency


High Energy Efficiency

XS4J is energy efficient*, allowing for an efficient total cost management while showing content with 4,000 nits of high brightness.

* Typical power consumption of XS4J is 345W(49XS4J), 375W(55XS4J) at ‘On Mode’ based on LG internal test conducted in February, 2021. The figure may differ depending on the actual environment.

Easy Content Distribution & SW Update


Easy Content Distribution & SW Update

XS4J features embedded Wi-Fi making it easy to distribute content wirelessly and update Firmware.

Web Monitoring (Control Manager)


Web Monitoring (Control Manager)

This is a web-based monitoring solution, which provides a ease of control for the user. It enables users to have full access anywhere, anytime from their mobile phone & PC as long as they’re connected to a network while having access to both current and past data. It allows users to monitor the unit, make any adjustments and control it remotely in real-time.