Samsung 43” LH43QHCEBGCXXS Crystal UHD Signage QHC

  • Ultra Slim Depth
  • Even Bezel
  • Centered VESA Holes

Slim Design. Stunning Performance.

Introducing QBC, the slimmest display in the Samsung UHD Signage. It brings elegance to business while maximizing space. Its enhanced internal solutions and intuitive home screen UX make it easy to use. Businesses in various verticals can achieve growth with QBC’s efficiency and design innovation.

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Maximum Impact In Minimum Space

The QBC's unparalleled ultra-slim 28.5 mm depth makes it the thinnest option in Samsung’s UHD series. It is compatible with a Slim Fit Wall Mount*, which allows you to install it neatly and easily in any location. QBC optimizes space with its sleek design that blends seamlessly into your business environment.

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Clean Visuals In Landscape Or Portrait Mode

The bezels are consistent and even on all four sides of the display, with the same thickness and dimensions. The new even bezel design prevents any visual issues from arising when the display is adjusted to portrait mode.

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Collaborate Between Screens With Wire-Free Speed

SmartView+ enables wireless screen sharing without cable connections, ensuring easy collaboration. Users can now enable the screen sharing function at the start of a meeting, allowing the meeting admin to quickly switch between screens with one click.

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Simplified Calibration Between Screens With Mobile App

Smart Calibration Guarantee complete brand consistency across every display in every location. Using the Samsung mobile app, Smart Calibration ensures every display is calibrated correctly, showcasing brand logos and other collateral in the exact colors required.

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Lifelike Color, Born In A Pure State With Fine Crystal

Dynamic Crystal Color Every picture is more immersive with one billion shades of color. Dynamic Crystal Color delivers true-to-life variations, allowing customers to see every subtlety.

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View Lifelike Shades Of Color In Powerful 4K

Samsung’s industry-leading video processing technology enhances every piece of content for clarity and consistency. Intelligent UHD upscaling technology, powered by Samsung’s Quantum Processor Lite 4K, elevates lower-resolution video to UHD, providing a professional picture quality.

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Enhance Professional Environments With Expert Tools

Built-in professional modes enable more possibilities in specific verticals. Director Mode minimizes post-processing, aligning content to the director’s original intention. Medical teams can simulate medical images such as X-rays with DICOM Simulation Mode, meeting DICOM's full grayscale standards

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Change The Way To Manage Your Display

Samsung VXT CMS is a cloud-based solution that brings together content management and remote device management capabilities, allowing users to remotely manage hardware settings and troubleshoot issues while effortlessly creating and deploying content with no previous training needed.

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Weight 11.80 kg
Dimensions 110.00 × 68.00 × 13.00 cm