Global Digital Media Landmark in Korea

Move over Times Square… Korea’s capital city Seoul designates the COEX (convention, exhibition, and shopping complex) and World Trade Center area in the city center as Korea’s first free outdoor advertisement zone.

And Samsung Electronics installed the largest SMART LED Signage in Korea on the outer wall of the SM Town and K-Pop square of COEX. It is the first case in Korea of a signage display that uses two sides of an outdoor advertisement area.

This Samsung SMART LED Signage supports resolution of 7840 X 1952 pixel, almost 2X the resolution of UHD. With a high refresh rate of 49,920Hz, it depicts smooth and uniform images without distortion.

The signage, 4X the size of a basketball court and a total surface area of 1620m², took seven months to install. It connects two LED displays together by a curved edge.

Sungwook Yoon, with Samsung Electronics’ Building Solution Group, led the installation, and made the decision to apply a curved design to the signage.

While displays for residential use typically feature 300 to 500nit brightness, the SMART LED Signage uses up to 9000nit so that it can show clear images even with bright sunlight.

The Samsung SMART LED Signage also automatically adjusts its brightness. Too much brightness can make drivers or pedestrians uncomfortable, so the SMART LED Signage lowers or increases its brightness according to the movement of the sun.

Jinwook Kim of Building Solution Group says, “The SMART LED Signage is made of around 31,000 LED display modules. The distance between each pixel is 10mm to show a clear and vivid image from all directions.” (The typical size of the gap between each pixel in outdoor advertisements in Korea is 16-20mm.)

The SMART LED Signage not only displays the same content in more detail, but also provides water and dustproof features, as well as up to 100,000 hours of use.

Starting with COEX SM Town, Samsung Electronics will continue its involvement in Korea’s free outdoor advertisement zone project with its SMART LED Signage for the next 10 years. The project aims to help raise the brand value of Seoul through development and promotion of the city as a ‘global digital media landmark.’

The SMART LED Signage hopes to bolster the local economy and help the city gain competitiveness with an exciting new tourist attraction as its next landmark.

Time lapse on building Koreas’ Largest Digital Signage