Elevate Your Meetings with Driger VC-05B’s New Smart Gallery Feature

Gone are the days of manual camera adjustments. Stay ahead of the game with the latest upgrade for the Driger VC-05B: an innovative Smart Gallery framing function built into the compact yet powerful video conferencing device. Discover how this recent addition can further enhance your communication experience:

Optimal Framing and Screen Layout
Smart Gallery is a framing and layout ability that automatically adapts to the number of meeting participants, offering up to 7 close-up frames with an overall view of the meeting room. This feature ensures that every participant is always in focus, providing a well-organized and professional visual experience, ensuring that everyone gets their fair share of screen time without compromising on quality.

Advanced Recognition Algorithms
This is possible as the VC-05B employs sophisticated algorithms capable of head, face, and body detection. This means that the system can accurately identify each participant in the room, regardless of their position, whether they are sitting, standing, or moving around.

Dynamic Participant Identification
The VC-05B, with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, automatically detects the number of participants and tracks their position changes in real-time. This dynamic identification ensures that as people join, leave, or shift their positions during the meeting, the camera adjusts accordingly to maintain optimal framing.

Along with it’s built in high definition camera, speakers and beamforming microphones, other framing features that the VC-05B offers are:

Speaker mode: Automatically tracks, switch and focus on the active speaker through audio-tracking feature.
Group mode: Intelligently zoom in or out to frame the whole group of meeting participants in the room.
Preset mode: Set and save a camera position that you prefer manually.

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