LG Showcases Power of Transparent Displays at InfoComm 2023

LG Business Solutions USA is set to showcase its latest transparent digital displays at InfoComm 2023. The lineup includes a large-pixel-pitch LED film, a 55-inch transparent OLED display, and 55-inch and 30-inch transparent OLED touch displays. These innovative displays transform static signage areas into interactive spaces, offering limitless creative possibilities for businesses, interior designers, and content creators. Visitors can explore these advancements at LG’s booth to gain additional insights through a panel discussion with Luminary Design Co., which will focus on the successful integration of transparent displays and the exciting opportunities they present for Open Air Augmented Reality projects.

“Transparent digital displays offer a whole new type of canvas for creators, artists and brands, enabling a seamless melding of digital content with real-world objects or spaces,” said David Bacher, head of marketing for LG Business Solutions USA. “Early adopters have already seen great success integrating one of-a-kind installations in retail settings, and innovators like Luminary Design are leveraging our displays to envision entirely new concepts and possibilities, including interactive augmented reality.”

The featured displays include the 55-inch Transparent OLED Digital Signage Display, offering vibrant colors, high contrast, and a 38 percent transparency. LG will also showcase touch-enabled 55-inch and 30-inch Transparent OLED Digital Signage Displays, providing interactive experiences for various industries. Additionally, LG’s Transparent LED film allows for creative installations on building facades, windows, railings, and stairways. The self-adhesive film is easily applied and can be curved to fit different surfaces. At the booth, attendees will also witness how transparent OLED displays have been leveraged in retail settings, such as the Citizen Watch store in New York’s Herald Square, offering engaging and immersive experiences for customers.