Choosing Your Meeting Room Booking System

Effective meetings have always been crucial to building a collaborative workplace. Whether daily stand-ups, enterprise-wide conferences, or ad-hoc sessions, panels help ensure employees can work cohesively towards shared goals. Meeting room booking systems are becoming increasingly crucial in the age of hybrid work, allowing businesses to effectively distribute meeting space resources to staff members quickly and efficiently.

An organization wants to ensure employees can quickly find and book rooms relevant to their requirements without having to search room by room or contacting the facilities, they might choose a meeting room tool which offers a consolidated view of the resources in the business, with the option to filter through options based on location, amenities, and seating capacity.

While many modern meeting room booking tools have overlapping capabilities, the features of each platform can vary. That’s why it’s so crucial for business leaders to define the essential functionality required from their platform. Some of the most important must-have features of any meeting room booking solution include:

  • Online room booking grids: A simple and convenient visual interface where teams can rapidly determine which rooms are available for use and which have been reserved.
  • Room availability: Rapid insights into the availability of meeting rooms, with clear insights into reservation times and dates.
  • Filter search: The ability to search for specific meeting room solutions based on necessary resources, hardware, and meeting room size.
  • Notifications: Automated notifications whenever an employee is added to a booking
  • Check-in: Check-in and auto-release functions to improve room utilization and track the usage of different environments.
  • Booking permissions: Access controls to determine who should be able to book which rooms.
  • Room management: A central management dashboard for coordinating schedules, amenities, and space usage

As hybrid and remote working patterns evolve, companies are being forced to think more carefully about how they utilize physical spaces, like meeting rooms and conference rooms, for comprehensive collaboration. An effective meeting room booking system can ensure businesses of all sizes can make the most of their available real estate and minimize potential meeting hurdles.