Audio Conference System

Having a virtual meeting with attendees residing in other location and foreign countries has becoming a new norm in modern working life. To make sure your message is conveyed seamlessly, choosing a proper equipment is decisive.

With Geon Asia Systems all time expertise in audio system, we assure to provide you an ideal audio solution which will reach the audience crisp and clear. This includes integrating microphones, camera, mixer, speaker, etc regarding to your needs.

Audio Speaker: To have your bright idea shared with the participants, you need a good medium to propagate your sound. Having your speaker chosen right ensures an optimal dispersion of ideas.

Conference Microphone: We had collaborated with a team of audio engineer that are capable to provide you a suitable microphone based on your remark.Only unmute yourself when you want to speak but keep yourself muted after that? Goose neck mic will be your choice. Or can absorb participant’s voice spontaneously ? Proceed to speakerphone.

Sound Mixer: When multiple microphones are involve in a meeting or conference room, it is crucial to obtain a mixer to equalize the sound so your voice sounds crisp and clear when played on speaker. Better yet, feel free to contact us as we will render you a solution in terms of buying which specific model regarding your remark, integrate your existing audio system with other components and even upgrade your mixer to an automated version.

Utilizing experiences gained in the past years, Geon Asia has deployed various projects for Audio Conferencing with various organizations in Malaysia such as Affin Bank Group, Berjaya Group, Malaysia Government offices & many more.


Audio Conference System

Design and build professional audio


Shure Incorporated is an audio products corporation headquartered in the USA. Shure is a leading global manufacturer of audio equipment, specializing in microphones, wireless systems, earphones, headphones, and conferencing solutions.

One of Shure’s flagship products is its line of microphones, which are renowned for their exceptional sound quality, durability, and reliability. Whether it’s for professional studio recording, live performances, or conferencing applications, Shure microphones are widely used and trusted by professionals in various industries worldwide.

In addition to microphones, Shure offers a wide range of wireless systems, including wireless microphone systems and in-ear monitor systems, providing freedom of movement without compromising on sound quality. Shure’s wireless solutions are known for their robust performance, clarity, and ease of use.


Sennheiser is a globally recognized leader in audio technology, known for its high-quality products that span a wide range of applications, including professional audio, consumer electronics, and conferencing systems. Sennheiser’s conference systems are designed to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, providing reliable and clear audio solutions for meetings, conferences, and other professional gatherings.

Sennheiser offers a range of conference microphone solutions to meet different needs. Whether you require wired or wireless systems, tabletop or ceiling-mounted microphones


Yamaha Corporation is a globally renowned brand known for its wide range of audio equipment and musical instruments. Among its extensive lineup, Yamaha is particularly celebrated for its professional-grade sound mixers, which play a pivotal role in audio production, live performances, recording studios, and various other applications.

Yamaha mixers feature user-friendly interfaces with intuitive controls, making them accessible to both novice and experienced audio engineers alike. With well-designed layouts and ergonomic features, users can easily adjust levels, apply effects, and manipulate audio parameters with precision.


Bosch is a renowned global brand known for its high-quality products across various industries, including automotive, home appliances, and professional communication systems. Within the realm of communication technology, Bosch is especially recognized for its advanced conference and public address (PA) systems.

Bosch conference microphones are engineered to deliver exceptional audio clarity. They use advanced digital signal processing and high-fidelity components to capture and reproduce speech accurately, ensuring that every participant is heard clearly.


Time & Cost Saving

Reduce travel time by attending meetings virtually. Lower costs by minimizing the paid time employees spend on setting up the meeting and waiting for latecomers to join.

Efficiency & Productivity

Reduced time and money wastage, enhanced personal connection, and the elimination of travel contribute to higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Communication Enhancement

Improve communication and interaction among colleagues from different locations and countries. Audio conferencing enables regular meetings and collaboration.

Ease to convey message

Advantage for soft spoken people as the mixer can amplify their voice to be louder through the speaker.

Captivate Everything

Ensure there's no sound leakage between the indoor space and outdoors, minimizing distractions during brainstorming sessions.

Quality Discussion

Attendees will have more awareness. Only unmute to talk when they need, otherwise keep silent to respect other speakers.

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