Audio & Conference System

Having a virtual meeting with attendees residing in other location and foreign countries has becoming a new norm in modern working life. To make sure your message is conveyed seamlessly, choosing a proper equipment is decisive.

With Geon Asia’s all time expertise in audio system, we assure to provide you an ideal audio solution which will reach the audience crisp and clear. This includes integrating microphones, camera, mixer, speaker, etc regarding to your needs.

Utilizing experiences gained in the past years, Geon Asia has deployed various projects for Audio Conferencing  with various organizations in Malaysia such as Affin Bank Group, Berjaya Group, Malaysia Government offices & many more.


Audio and conference system

Design and build professional audio

Audio Speaker

To have your bright idea shared with the participants, you need a good medium to  propagate your sound. Having your speaker chosen right ensures an optimal dispersion of ideas.

Not just yet, please do not hesitate to consult us as we will provide you solution including ways to mask up your room like a bubble where sounds will be well captivated inside the room. All important information will never be leaked out to the outside but just within the participants in the room.

Conference Microphone

Have you ever encounter a situation where you have been talking so loud and clear in the meeting room but the other party behind the screens are complaining your voice is breaking up and even got delayed?  Mic will be the main culprit to be blamed! Fortunately we had collaborated with a team of audio engineer that are capable to provide you a suitable microphone based on your remark.

Only unmute yourself when you want to speak but keep yourself muted after that? Goose neck mic will be your choice. Or can absorb participant’s voice spontaneously ? Proceed to speakerphone. Consult us for more info.

Sound Mixer

When multiple microphones are involve in a meeting or conference room, it is crucial to obtain a mixer to equalize the sound so your voice sounds crisp and clear when played on speaker. Better yet, feel free to contact us as we will render you a solution in terms of buying which specific model regarding your remark, integrate your existing audio system with other components and even upgrade your mixer to an automated version.

Ever experience in a way that when your participant talks, the camera will automatically detect him/her? Let’s talk when you are ready to share the big idea of yours.


For a conference room to be conducted in a professional way, it will be an ideal choice to display your brilliant content through a projector. If videos are often played during presentation or conference, we even have projector featuring 4K resolution to offer. This ensures the participants to captivate the vivid image and ideas in to their mind more easily.

Nevertheless, projector emphasize on eye comfort which you don’t need to stress your eyes when reading lines. Letters will eventually become bigger from the projection. Room size is never our concern, we promise to propose an optimum solution for every type of room.


Time & Cost Saving

Save travel time to attend to attend a meeting. Save cost on paid time employees spend setting up the meeting and waiting for latecomers to arrive.

Efficiency & Productivity

Less time and money wasted, increased personal connection and a lack of travel—is a greater level of efficiency and productivity.

Communication Enhancement

Enhance communications & interactions between colleagues from various locations & countries. Audio Conferencing enables them to meet together regularly.

Ease to convey message

Advantage for soft spoken people as the mixer can amplify their voice to be louder through the speaker.

Captivate Everything

Make sure there is no sound transfer between the room and outdoor. No distraction during brainstorming session.

Quality Discussion

Attendees will have more awareness. Only unmute to talk when they need, otherwise keep silent to respect other speakers.

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