Interactive Display

Smart Board Malaysia is an interactive display that drives more productive and efficient collaboration without hassling. With our Multifunctional Interactive Board and Samsung’s brilliant Flip invention, meeting can take place at anywhere and any time, with all vital elements included.

Business meeting or classroom smart board no longer need to be stressful. Envision how Geon’s Smart Board Solution can help you and your team work smarter, faster and better. Also, Interactive whiteboard is suitable for classroom.

Not to mention that we are also well recognized by the government and private corporates such as BERJAYA, AFFIN, TM, etc. Choosing our solution will solely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.


Interactive Display

Boost collaboration and engage your audience with a better experience

Multifunctional Interactive Board

Choice of Android or Window to be set as operating system. Able to project contents from 4 devices at the same time. The sketch from the board can be saved into phone via scanning QR code. Structured with light and strong aluminum alloy frame with rounded corner design. Ultra-thin body and Ultra-narrow edges that allow it having only 32mm full body thickness. With the honeycomb vent, it helps accelerate machine cooling to extend its average life.

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Samsung Flip

Integrated with InGlass™ technology, ensuring a smooth experience, without delay. Provide fast writing in a variety of colours, styles and widths, with compatibility for any object as a writing tool – ensuring a pen-to-paper-like writing experience. Multi-writing functionality to support up to four different participants is another newly added feature. Supports any web browser, embedded versatile templates as well as a document viewer compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and PDF formats. Backed by powerful TIZEN 5.0 operating system.

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Low Maintenance

The boards do not use chalk or dusters, only require finger or a special pen to interact with it.

Environmentally Friendly

Eliminate the need for paper. There will be no need to photocopy set of papers during meeting or class.

Innovative Feature

Supported by InGlass™ technology that allows you to create art at the stroke of a brush with water and oil painting mode.

Efficient Editing Tool

Can quickly and easily select, move, crop, capture, and edit any images. Plus, can write on any background source by simply clicking the note layer button.

Versatile Connectivity

Has USB, HDMI, NFC and screen mirroring capabilities for versatile connectivity and once the meeting is over, recaps can be distributed via the board by using app.

Advanced Compatible

Supports any web browser, embedded versatile templates as well as a document viewer compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and PDF formats.

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