Digital Signage

Digital signage is an advance way to advertise your product to the public. With the modern LCD and LED technology, we assure you that these micro-sized components can illuminate a mesmerizing display to the passerby.

All of our digital signage is based on Internet of Things (IoT) where you can deploy your brilliant content through our Geon Signworld Cloud or Samsung’s MagicINFO at anywhere and anytime without leaving your desk, leaving behind outdated and costly printed materials.

Not to mention that we are also well recognized by the government and private corporates such as BERJAYA, KOI, TM, etc. Choosing our solution will surely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solution

Effective business advertisement and communication

Commercial Displays

Digital display signage captivate your audience up to 24/7, open or closed. Ensure a dynamic and vibrant message to be presented. With an integrated cloud management, you can deploy your content at anytime and anywhere. Unlike traditional point of sale, no costly printing is needed, definitely an environmentally friendly product.

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Outdoor Digital Signage

Outdoor Digital signage is an advance way to advertise your product to the public. With the modern LCD and LED technology, we assure you that these micro-sized components can illuminate a mesmerizing display to the passerby. Ensure 24/7, IP56-certified durability in extreme weather environments.

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Signworld Cloud Solution

Captivate your audience 24/7, rain or shine, open or closed. With Samsung, you can extend your message beyond your business, whether it’s in your storefront window or outside in the elements. Ready to work around the clock, Samsung outdoor digital signage and window displays empower you to always present a dynamic and vibrant message. Screen Display size is available from 46” to 85”.

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Touchscreen Solution

As today’s businesses seek new ways to stand out among increasingly crowded competition, interactivity and convenience have become more a critical component of day-to-day operations. Thus, these consumers are growing more accustomed to self-service, and the convenience that comes with fulfilling their own orders for items ranging from train tickets to fast food.

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Business TV

Business TV brings in commercial signage displays with its advanced TV technology to give users the ideal solution for customer communication with impactful visuals. Engineered to operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Additionally, the Business TV app eliminates additional cost of an additional content management solution.

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Video Wall Solution

Unlike traditional signage or video screens, video walls allow businesses to customize the perfect solution for their specific needs. They can be configured to specific sizes, shapes and resolutions to provide the best fit for each unique business environment. It allows for greater flexibility and increased creativity in content options.

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Interactive Digital Kiosk

Interactive Digital Kiosk boosts productivity saves time and reduces labor expenses. The advantage of Interactive Kiosk is the ability to facilitate the consumers  in the mall to search for their desired shop and even advertise promotion to the public.

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Long-term Prudential

All of our digital signage product have 2-3 years warranty. Save costs in the long run for your business.

Efficiency & Productivity

Display multiple advertisement from the same screen according to the scheduled time.


Unlike traditional point of sale, less money will be spent on short-lasting banners, definitely environmentally friendly

Internet of Things (IoT)

Able to manage the contents at anywhere and any time through our Geon Signworld Cloud or Samsung's MagicINFO.

Longer Operating Hours

Designed for usage up to 16/7 - 24/7 which cannot be done by normal consumer grade display.

Applicable for Outdoor/Indoor

Brightness rating up to 2500 nits that allows you to see the display clearly even with sunlight exposure.

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