Meeting Room Booking System

Conducting a quality meeting is the key to ensure the efficiency of company’s operation. However, sometimes the manual way of booking meeting room system will have some issues such as double booking or interruption from outsiders asking when will the session end.

To ensure the meeting schedule is well organized, Geon is always ready to provide an efficient solution to your prestigious company. With the modern booking meeting room system, it removes many of the friction points of getting into the right workspace.

The ease of use of automated booking software makes scheduling, canceling, and using conference room spaces the right way both more convenient and more likely. Choosing our solution will solely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.


Meeting Room Booking System

An online reservation-based system for meeting rooms in a workplace.

Brilliant Indication

For people who wants to use the meeting room booking at instant, they can easily notice which room is available based on the light’s color indication. Furthermore, room can be searched easily with an integrated indoor way finding system. All you need is just to download the meeting room booking system app to experience it.

Cloud Based Management

Design your logos and home screen at your highest creativity. All of your desired content can be modified and deployed through cloud at anywhere and anytime. You can even have all the panels exhibiting different display for different department.

Compatible with most of the calendar software

Anyone who has the access to book the meeting room can integrate the booking system with a calendar software such as Outlook to reserve an available room. As long as there are room availability, you can book multiple desired room and time-zone in a process.

Powerful Workflow

Manage business rules that govern the way people can book space such as set-up time, notice period and business hours. Reserve your desired time and location through the web interface from simple ad-hoc booking to administration of busy managed spaces.


Time Saving

Room availability can be known through calendar software and the light indicator from the tablet. Green stands for available and red means brain storming session.

Ensure Room Availability

Rooms can be booked early to avoid any turbulence happening between colleagues. No more unnecessary argument over a meeting room.

No more double booking issue

Situations such as multiple organizer booking at a same time and a same room will no longer exist. Schedules are certainly well organized.

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