Business TV

Business TV brings in commercial signage displays with its advanced TV technology to give users the ideal solution for customer communication with impactful visuals. Engineered to operate 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Additionally, the Business TV app eliminates additional cost of an additional content management solution.

Start your business now with Geon Asia as we are appointed mainly by Samsung as their authorized system integrator for Business TV Solution.

Not to mention that we are also well recognized by the government and private corporates such as BERJAYA , KOI, AFFIN BANK, etc. Choosing our solution will surely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.

Samsung BST Series

“The Sero” for business’s streamlined design blends seamlessly into any space. Landscape mode is perfect for traditional video, and portrait orientation ensures ideal viewing for mobile-first content and applications. The display’s wheel stand allows for easy relocation for special events, meetings or storage ensuring you are always getting the most out of your display, even when space is limited. When not showing your content, the display can still transform the room with one of five modes — clock, poster, photo, sound wall or cinemagraph.

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Samsung BET – H Series

Communicate with your customers without the need for physical paper materials. The simple, ready-to-use Business TV app allows you to showcase advertising content alongside TV programming. Featuring an impressive warrantee, Business TVs are built to operate even with extended daily business hours, 16-hours a day, 7 days a week. Available for Android and iOS devices, provides additional convenience by allowing users to remotely manage and control content on connected Business TVs.

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Samsung BHT Series

For outdoor entertainment as its IP55 weatherproof rating delivers perfect performance and protection from the outdoor elements including humidity, dust and heat. Color volume 100% technology delivers rich and accurate 4K QLED color quality. Available for Android and iOS devices, provides additional convenience by allowing you to remotely manage and control content on connected The Terrace for business. Spend less time dealing with technical issues.  A pin-code protects the display settings, avoiding any potential content interruptions.

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Samsung UHF Series

Extreme narrow-bezel (1.7mm.) design maximizes visibility even at close distances. Non-glare panels deliver clear imagery under ambient lighting. Advanced factory tuning and calibration showcase content with near-perfect uniformity. Mobile solution provides a quick and easy, cost-efficient video wall calibration through a mobile camera. Daisy-chaining technology extends content presentation capabilities without requiring external equipment. Optional wall mount allows for easier installation and disjoint. Durable composition ensures messages run clearly and continuously

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Allowing users to remotely manage and control content through Business TV's app at anywhere and anytime.

Longer Operating Hours

Designed for usage up to 16/7 which cannot be done by normal consumer grade display.


Delivers an eye-catching visual experience with UHD resolution in a range of sizes to fit any space or budget.

Efficiency & Productivity

Display multiple advertisement from the same screen according to the scheduled time.


Unlike traditional point of sale, less money will be spent on short-lasting banners, definitely environmentally friendly

Powerful Durability

Able to function efficiently in a harsh environment. Never a concern to place it outdoor or indoor.

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