Video Wall Solution

Unlike traditional signage or video screens, video walls allow businesses to customize the perfect solution for their specific needs. They can be configured to specific sizes, shapes and resolutions to provide the best fit for each unique business environment. It allows for greater flexibility and increased creativity in content options.

So what are you waiting for? Geon Asia is the leading Video Wall Solution provider in Malaysia appointed mainly by Samsung as their authorized system integrator.

Choosing our solution will surely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.

Samsung LCD Video Walls

Bright, non-glare panels improve the visibility of your message from any angle, in any ambient lighting conditions. You can build virtually seamless video wall matrices thanks to our range of extreme- and ultra-narrow bezel widths that let your audience focus on your content and not the gaps. Plus, you can quickly and easily calibrate the LCD video wall through a mobile device camera. Dependable 24/7 continuous run-time meets around the clock operating requirements.

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Samsung Direct-view LED Video Walls

Hassle-free installation and are easy to maintain with full front and rear access to the display—reducing potential costs for repair. A slim design built for compact spaces can eliminate the need for extra wall construction, helping to reduce overall implementation costs. Plus, a single S-Box supports UHD content across multiple screens, so you can forego costly external boxes to present messaging. Manageability with up to 100,000 hours of service life and 24/7 operation.

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Samsung IWJ Series

IWJ series is also known as “The Wall” which can sync up with multiple of its own to form a humungous screen. Perfect black presentation with Black Seal Technology. Bringing digital world into real life that will be mesmerizing for just a single glance. Run by Ultra-Chroma Technology that produces vibrant, yet natural colour for a true-to-life visual experience. Not to mention about the LED HDR and HDR 10+ support for optimum peak brightness and accurate greyscale expression. Pixel pitch is available from 0.84 to 1.68.

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Samsung UHF Series

Extreme narrow-bezel (1.7mm.) design maximizes visibility even at close distances. Non-glare panels deliver clear imagery under ambient lighting. Advanced factory tuning and calibration showcase content with near-perfect uniformity. Mobile solution provides a quick and easy, cost-efficient video wall calibration through a mobile camera. Daisy-chaining technology extends content presentation capabilities without requiring external equipment. Optional wall mount allows for easier installation and disjoint. Durable composition ensures messages run clearly and continuously

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Greater screen area per unit cost than other types of displays. Increase exposure without incurring investment costs.

Customization & flexibility

They can be configured to specific sizes, shapes and resolutions to provide the best fit for each unique business environment.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Able to manage the contents at anywhere and any time through Geon Cloud Solution.

Clear As Always

Video Wall has a constant pixel density regardless of the array size. Brilliant imagery even when viewed at a close distance.

Efficiency & Productivity

Each display accepts and processes differently, therefore multiple types of content can be displayed simultaneously on a single video wall.

Long-term Performance

Ensuring 24/7 delivery of brilliant content and the ultimate viewing experience which cannot be done by normal consumer grade display..

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