SAMSUNG Hospitality Soultion

All the in-room TVs are integrated with LYNK Cloud4.0 that enables two-way communication between hotel management and guests. This solution ensures quality service delivery in real-time without in-room labour and maintenance. Management get to manipulate the content at anywhere and anytime. LYNK Cloud can analyze guests’ content use to uncover marketing insights that help hotel managers deliver optimized promotions ultimately leading to increased revenue. In-room TV’s also support interactive content that can help receive and respond to requests such dining orders, facility bookings or a digital concierge.

IWJ Series (The Wall)

IWJ series is also known as “The Wall” which can sync up with multiple of its own to form a humungous screen. Perfect black presentation with Black Seal Technology. Bringing digital world into real life that will be mesmerizing just from a single glance. Run by Ultra-Chroma Technology that produces vibrant, yet natural color for a true-to-life visual experience. Not to mention about the LED HDR and HDR 10+ support for optimum peak brightness and accurate greyscale expression. Pixel pitch is available from 0.84 to 1.68.

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Real 8K resolution with 33 million pixels in ultimate clarity. Upscale any content into 8K through powerful Quantum Processor 8K. Multiple concentrated backlight zones for luminous whites and deep blacks. Available for 75 inches series only.

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Crystal Ultra High-Definition display that renders brilliant graphic with four times the pixels of 1080p. Samsung Smart Hub offers easy access to guests’ favourite entertainment during the stay. Complement to any room with slim and modern design. Available series range from 43 inches to 75 inches screen size.

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Smart display that provides information to hotel management regarding maintenance and service needs, ensuring guests are pleased at all time. Content and home menu can be customized to suit guests’ preferences. Streamline operations through coaxial infrastructure compatibility. Display resolution up to 1920 X 1080 (Full HD) with screen size availability ranges from 43 inches to 49 inches.

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Designed to look like a frame when it is in Art mode. Absolutely renders an aesthetic view for any space decoration. Hang it like a real frame as it is installed with no gap wall mount. Rotate flexibly into a vertical or horizontal position. Display a high quality QLED graphic at the same time with 100% colour volume and Duel LED. Available series range from 43 inches to 75 inches screen size.

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