Multifunctional Interactive Board

The progression of digital display technology has been getting more innovative than before. Even in the education world, teacher can conduct classes efficiently with the help of interactive board. Students can have better learning experience which results better knowledge development.  Class will never be boring anymore.

Nevertheless, interactive board is often applied in meeting rooms where participants can have more focus on the presenter rather than busy dropping down notes. Any sketch that are left behind on the screen can be saved in the integrated cloud system.

With the presence of interactive board, class can be more entertaining and meetings will be more effective which results a better business operation. Not to mention that we are also well recognized by the government and private corporates such as BERJAYA, AFFIN, TM, etc. Choosing our solution will solely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.


Multifunctional Interactive Board

Illustrate your creativity in every way on the board

Conduct Your Meeting In A Professional Way

Presenters can can just walk in to the meeting room without bringing their laptop along. This board can have Powerpoint, Words, Excel, etc software installed and all you need to do is just fill in your ideas on to the board. You can even share videos from the web to make your presentation more exciting. No more messy, squeaky markers and no unwieldy paper to deal with anymore.

Student Can Be Educated More Efficiently

Students will learn faster when there is animation for them to watch along. The high resolution of this board can definitely improve the student’s cognition by captivating a vivid image into their memory. Teachers can even write on the board when the video is paused which makes the lesson more efficient.

Screen Dimension

Product Parameter


The reaction time for the screen to pick up is as fast as 0.4s. The delay is almost impossible to notice. Furthermore, the the sensitivity of the screen can display your writing as thin as 0.7mm. You are even able to draw out the details of your masterpiece on the big screen.

As this is an infrared touch panel, it does not just receive senses from your palm or finger tip to control the board. You can even erase the the unwanted contents from the board by using  your back hand  and other duster-like object as long as it has contact on the board.

There’s no need to worry for the participants who cannot catch up on dropping notes. This multifunctional interactive board is cloud based system. It is able to upload any sketch that is left on the board in to its own cloud system. All it takes it just one scan away from the generated QR code to reach the cloud site or app.