DRIGER WM-30 Wireless Presentation System

  1. Formats. Working Seamless with VC Platform  integrates with existing UC Rom camera, mic, speaker and display with laptops wirelessly
  2. Multi Content Sharing. Allows up to 16 users to connect their PCs, tablets or smartphones to WM-30 base unit simultaneously, while 4 users can mirror his/her screen as the main screen.
  3. Touch & Play Presentation. Simply connect the transmitter without cable and click on the built- in app to begin transmitting content from the laptop to the display
SKU: Driger/WM-30

Multiscreen Presenting

 Allowing 4 smart devices with different contents projected concurrently.

Seamless Wireless Conferencing

Work seamlessly with Video Conferencing Platform. Easily integrate wirelessly with your existing camera, microphone, speaker, and laptop display.

One-To-All Sharing

No worries if you have a large room and multiple displays. Our WD-ULTRA 30 is able to duplicate or extend to multiple screens at once.

Brochure :
WM-30 Brochure.pdf | PDF Host

Technical Specification :
Driger WM-30 Technical Specs | PDF Host