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With a rare blend of technology and business oriented team, Coherent Plus has been  focusing on payment technology space since 2011 and even expanded their payment markets across several countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Europe.

From Geon Asia’s deep experience and Coherent Plus’s powerful technology, we will assure you the best solution to secure your transections ranging from bus stop, restaurants, supermarket, etc.

Not to mention that we are also well known by many government and private corporates for our fine performance, such as BERJAYA, AFFIN BANK, JKR and others. Choosing our solution will surely earn your trust. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to consult all types of issues.


Mobile Terminal

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HammerHead™ is a lightweight, battery operated and Wi-Fi/4G enabled portable contactless reader. The unique design and build in capabilities, position it for payments not only at point of sales counter, but also allow the operator to process payment at the table that will improve operational efficiency.


Jellies, an intelligent contactless reader (NFC) designed with powerful processor and extensive connectivity feature to be fitted in any environment from indoor to outdoor, and attended to unattended. The reader is equipped by ARM9 Linux processor, WIFI, 3G, ETH, and other features such as QR Camera and USB Host.


Extended(X) Configuration, external casing with accessories that furnish Jellies into outdoor and unattended deployment, work under harsh environment. A well build casing equiped with highend QR scanner and GPS to facilitate transit application


STAC is a secure transaction aggregation console capable of linking up to 45 concurrent devices via multiple downlink interfaces like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS232 and USB. The device also support several highly available IP uplink through interfaces like GSM/3G/4G and dual port 100Mbps Ethernet. The Ethernet ports support ASDL and several other IP based data communication links.

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