Studio Video Conferencing Camera

Premium USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas. Poly Acoustic Clarity technology offer full-duplex conversations, acoustic echo cancellation and background noise suppression. Not to mention also about the 120-degree FOV and capturing resolution up to UHD 2160p (4K). Embedded with automatic people framing technology that allows every detail to be recorded. Easy cloud-based management by IT department without even leaving their desk. Available for X30 and X50 series also.
Poly Studio E70Studio X30Studio X50Studio

Eagle Eye Camera

Collaborate with hands-free, intelligent group framing, 4K sensor and 5X digital zoom. Ensures the body language and facial expressions to be conveyed clearly. No word will go unheard and will be picked-up effectively by the 2-built-in mics. This camera can be installed in a flexible manner where no cables are required. Various series are ready to be checked out.

EagleEye CubeEagleEye MiniEagleEye IVEagleEye Director II

Real Presence Group

Powerful video collaboration for group conferences in a sleek design that is simple to use. Certified with Skype for Business and Office 365, making it easy to connect without changing the way you work. Merge with Polycom® EagleEye™ that uses innovative facial-tracking algorithms to accurately frame all room participants. Built in with Acoustic Fence technology to create a physical space that captures voices from inside while blocking voices and sounds from outside.

310 Series500 Series700 Series

Poly Solution for Microsoft Team Room (MTR)

An integrated base Microsoft Teams Rooms kit intended for customers with existing certified USB audio and video peripherals. Clutter-free cabling and simple installation, as well as a powerful Poly audio and video experience. There are various (MTR) series that are applicable for small to large sized conference room.


CCX Phone system

Hear every nuance with award-winning Poly audio technology. Possessing a full duplex speakerphone operation with world-class echo cancellation. So noisy places like open offices don’t get in the way of meaningful and productive discussions. Contacts and meetings are easily accessible, one tap away on a color touchscreen. Available for Native Microsoft Teams and Open SIP models. Multiple headset options are available to suit any working style.


Trio Collaboration Kit

The Polycom Trio™ conference phone’s award-winning design takes the ordinary conference call experience to the next level. Fills room with HD Voice, makes sure the delivered ideas are uninterrupted despite on different location. The presence of Poly NoiseBlock technology within the integrated system renders a background noise suppression and echo cancellation. Everyone gets to present a clear speech with no word or opportunity missed out simultaneously.


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